root canal dentist sterling vaRoot Canal Therapy, also known as dental endodontics, is a well known dental service that you may require at some point. Root canals are used to save damaged or infected teeth instead of replacing them with a dental implant or a bridge. Dr. Sattar is one of the most respected root canal dentists in Sterling, VA.

In the center of your tooth, there are sensitive nerves and blood vessels called “pulp”. For healthy teeth, your pulp is fully covered and protected. However, teeth that have suffered from trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay may have exposed pulp, which subjects it to infection and can be very painful.Some of the most common symptoms of exposed or infected pulp are:

  • Sensitivity to cold and hot temperature
  • Swelling
  • Pain in your tooth or gums

Root Canal Treatment in Sterling, VA

Root Canal Therapy

Fortunately, there is treatment available for infected pulp that can alleviate the the painful symptoms described above. Dr. Sattar will diagnose your tooth and evaluate if your symptoms are in fact being caused by an issue related to the pulp.

The first step is to attempt to treat the pulp without any surgery. We can remove the infected pulp, and do a root canal to clean the area well and cover it so that it is no longer exposed. In order to help with any discomfort, we generally use local anesthesia. Depending on how severe the tooth is damaged, you may require more than one visit.

We strongly urge patients to get treatment as soon as possible from our dentist in Sterling, VA for infected dental pulp. Waiting can result in the infection spreading and infecting other nerves and tissue. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Sattar is able to perform root canal therapy gently, and makes all efforts to minimize your discomfort.

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