fast braces dentist sterling vaYou can finally say goodbye to crooked and misaligned teeth with our innovative Sixmonth braces treatment in Sterling, VA. Sixmonth braces Technology is an effective orthodontic procedure that has quickly become a favored alternative to traditional, clunky braces.

About Sixmonth braces

Sixmonth braces technology uses a single orthodontic wire from the beginning to the completion. The braces use a special square super-elastic nickel-titanium wire to upright the tooth using your mouth’s natural temperature.

Traditional braces generally require one year to move the crown of the tooth, and another year for the root. Sixmonth braces completes the process in just 3 months to a year! Also, Sixmonth braces have minimal discomfort.

Sixmonth braces have the benefit of requiring minimal retainer wear as well. Dr. Sattar will supply you with complete instructions on how often and when to wear your retainer.

Sixmonth braces Dentist in Sterling, VA

If you have been looking for a better solution to straighten your teeth and restore confidence in your smile, Sixmonth braces may be for you. Call us today at 703-450-9723 to schedule your appointment for Sixmonth braces in Sterling, VA today.